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Calculate How Much Life Insurance You Need
Part I:  Family Income Replacement
Family Income
Your Gross Income    
Spouse's Gross Income +  
Other Gross Income +  
Total Gross Income =  
Income to Be Replaced
How much income will your family need to live comfortably? (Typically 80% of your gross income) X        %
Total Replacement Income Needed =  
Available Income (spouse's income, social security, etc) -  
Net Replacement Income Needed =  
Expected Rate of Return (5%) /        %
Assets needed to produce Net Replacement Income =  
Available Investable Family Assets Savings    
Investment Portfolio +  
Current Life Insurance +  
Other Assets +  
Total Available Investable Family Assets =  
Life Insurance Needed for Income Replacement (Subtract Total Investable Family Assets from assets needed for Net Replacement Income    
Part II:  Debt, College, and Other Funding Needed
Debt Repayment Mortgage    
Auto Loan +  
Consumer Debt +  
Other Debt +  
Total Debt =  
College Funding No. of kids ages 0-9         0 1 2 3
Cost of sending your 0-9 year old(s) to college    
No. of kids ages 10-14     0 1 2 3
Cost of sending your 10-14 year old(s) to college +  
No. of kids ages 15-19     0 1 2 3
Cost of sending your 15-19 year old(s) to college +  
Total cost of sending your child/children to college =  
Other Expenses Funeral (typical cost of a funeral is approx. $5,000    
Special Bequests +  
Other Expenses +  
Total Expenses =  
Total Insurance Needed Total Additional Expenses (Add Debt, College, and Other)    
Income Replacement Insurance Needed (from Part I) +  
Total Life Insurance Needed (add together) =  
Part III:  Personal Information
What is your name?
What is your address?
What is your telephone number?
What is your email address?
Please let us know the best time to call and discuss your quote.
Or specify other:
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