Our Three Phase Retirement Plan

Since 2001, we has advised and created retirement plans that illustrate a detailed idea of when you can retire. Our proven approach allows for the creations of realistic plans; that can be accomplished. We will analyze your IRA distribution, Social Security distribution, pensions, retirement funds and cash flow needs to create this retirement schedule, just to name a few. Also, each plan will address tax reduction strategies that will maximize your assets value. All of our retirement plans are built per client and are specific to your exact needs while being flexible to unknown expenses that may arise.

Phase #1 Accumulation

Developing a systematic retirement deposit schedule on a monthly basis is the first step in creating a retirement account. IRA's / 401K / SEP are examples of retirement accounts. You must be disciplined when it come to accumulating a nest egg for your future. If you do not develope these habits early in your career it will very difficult to start saving for your retirement later in life. For every year you wait to start your retirement account it could cost you $20,000 of future value to your nest egg.

Phase #2 Preservation

Managing you retirement will be the next step in developing a successful retirement account. Your risk tolerance will change with your age and we need to be sure that your nest egg is protected as you get older and closer to your retirement age and goal. In this stage of your retirement account you should have a nice size nest egg. This phase begins after 20 years of investing, by this point you are half way to retirement. You only have 20 more years until you retire. Preserving you growth is very important. Not preserving you account can leave you exposed. Exposure could cost you both financially and delaying your retirement a few years as you must now recouperate most of your loses.

Phase #3 Distribution

After retirement it is key to have enough money to last the rest of your life. Planning and keeping the money growing while you are living off it is the most important part of your retirement. Money must be kept in a safe retirement investment with no exposure to market downturns. You must have enough money to last you the rest of your life. A paycheck for life is our favorite plan for our retirees. This is the most important phase of your retirement.

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