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A/R Financial Group is a consulting group hired by families to assist with effectively navigating the college preparation and funding maze. The college planning process is a marathon, and participation of students is a must. For families to be most successful, they must completely understand the process, devise a plan, and stay on track. Using our hands-on experience we have developed the true formula for success.

Adolfo Rodriguez CCA

The Certified College Advisor (CCA) designation is awarded to individuals who have completed extensive training that encompasses all aspects of the college planning process, including the most critical and time-sensitive steps. The CCA accreditation ensures proven solutions entirely from the family's perspective

Funding Your Education

It is a fact that a college education is expensive, very expensive. Even at lower-priced, state-supported colleges a four-year degree can still cost in excess of $50,000. College tuition and fees continue to increase at an alarming rate. These increases have made "paying for college" practically impossible. In a recent survey conducted by the American Council on Education it was found that financing their childrenís college education is one of the top five concerns facing American parents today. Although parents generally have good intentions, there are many unforeseen circumstances along the way that prevent them from saving a sufficient amount of money to pay for their childrenís college education. With todayís economy, and the inflation we have experienced over the past twenty years, this problem is far more evident now than it ever has been in the past. It most often takes two incomes just to meet the familyís budget. Unfortunately, after paying the familyís monthly expenses, there is usually not much left over for the studentís college education. Fortunately, you do have options!

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Our College Planning Service will help prepare students for College admission. Our program will assist students by giving them advantages that should make them more attractive to Colleges. Our program will make you stay on step infront of your competition

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