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is composed of financial professionals who offer high quality insurance and financial products and services to the individual and business marketplace. The Wayne Oakland Agency has been in business serving its clients since 1954.

Our professionals

have extensive experience and knowledge in the products they offer as well as the expertise on how to use those products to provide maximum benefit and protection to the clients we serve. It is our commitment and desire to establish trust and a long lasting relationship with our clients. This commitment has served us well throughout the years. We take pride in knowing that our clients keep returning to us for advice.

We welcome you

to our Web Site. We tried to provide the viewer with a basic understanding of some subjects we specialize in. For your use we have included over 150 financial calculators, dozens of educational financial articles, a tax center with free forms, instant term quote engine, request forms for all types of insurance and helpful links. If you have a need for our service, you can call or complete one of the forms provided.

The Wayne Oakland Agency

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