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Minimum State Insurance Requirements
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State Liability limits (in thousands of dollars)1 Personal Injury Protection PIP required? True No-fault state? Uninsured motorist coverage required?
Alabama 20/50/25 No No No
Alaska 50/100/25 No No No
Arizona 15/30/10 No No No
Arkansas 25/50/25 Yes Yes No
California 15/30/5 No No No
Colorado 25/50/15 No No No
Connecticut 20/40/10 No No Yes
Delaware 15/30/10 Yes Yes No
D.C. 25/50/10 No Yes Yes
Florida2 10/20/10 Yes Yes No
Georgia 25/50/25 No No No
Hawaii 20/40/10 Yes Yes No
Idaho 25/50/15 No No No
Illinois 20/40/15 No No Yes
Indiana 25/50/10 No No No
Iowa 20/40/15 No No No
Kansas 25/50/10 Yes Yes Yes
Kentucky 25/50/10 Yes Yes No
Louisiana 10/20/10 No No No
Maine 50/100/25 No No Yes
Maryland 20/40/10 Yes Yes Yes
Massachusetts 20/40/5 Yes Yes Yes
Michigan 20/40/10 Yes Yes No
Minnesota 30/60/10 Yes Yes Yes
Mississippi 25/50/25 No No No
Missouri 25/50/10 No No Yes
Montana 25/50/10 No No No
Nebraska 25/50/25 No No No
Nevada 15/30/10 No No No
New Hampshire 3 25/50/25 No Yes Yes
New Jersey4 15/30/5 Yes Yes Yes
New Mexico 25/50/10 No No No
New York5 25/50/10 Yes Yes Yes
North Carolina 30/60/25 No No Yes
North Dakota 25/50/25 Yes Yes Yes
Ohio 12.5/25/7.5 No No No
Oklahoma 25/50/25 No No No
Oregon 25/50/10 Yes Yes Yes
Pennsylvania 15/30/5 Yes Yes No
Rhode Island 25/50/25 No No Yes
South Carolina 25/50/25 No No Yes
South Dakota 25/50/25 No Yes Yes
Tennessee 25/50/15 No No No
Texas 25/50/25 No Yes No
Utah 25/65/15 Yes Yes No
Vermont 25/50/10 No No Yes
Virginia 25/50/20 No Yes Yes
Washington 25/50/10 No Yes No
West Virginia 20/40/10 No No Yes
Wisconsin 25/50/10 No Yes Yes
Wyoming 25/50/20 No No No

1. The first two numbers refer to bodily injury liability limits and the third number to property liability.
2. Only property-damage is compulsory
3. Insurance not compulsory
4. Drivers can choose a standard or basic policy. Basic policy limits are 10/10/5; only property-damage liability is compulsory
5. Liability rises to 50/100 if injury results in death.

Source: Insurance Information Institute
Last updated July 2009
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