Welcome to Long Term Financial Solutions, LLC. Our mission is to assist our clients in maximizing their income while protecting their savings and investments. We employ a logical and purposeful approach to help our clients define maximizing their income while saving taxes. We apply the "hope for the best but prepare for the worst" philosophy ensuring our clients don't outlive their income. Our unique planning tool will show our clients exactly when they will run out of money with their current plan. Then we fix the problem. Many advisors focus on helping clients accumulate assets without regard to how those assets will be distributed in retirement. Distribution is our specialty. We will recommend individually tailored strategies to maximize your income, protect your assets that took a lifetime to accumulate and save taxes. In many cases, we are able to safely leverage savings to leave double, triple and even quadruple inheritances to beneficiaries that pass TAX-FREE while drastically increasing the income of our clients. Call us today at 813.288.4646 for a free one hour consultation!